Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Walking in Singapore

Assalamualaikum and a very gud evening..

I know it has been a while that I didn't update my blog... Very the speaking right.. !! hahaahha

Okay cut it short...

For this post... I would like to update my journey to our neighbor country SINGAPORE... but .. to be frank... I didn't prepared my self to go there... Such an experience.. yeahhh...

Last Saturday, me wif my housemate, Sharir. Unplanned okay... 

Woke up in the morning. around 8 am... after dress up.. We directly go to JB Central for a bus to Singapore.

We only bring : -

Mobile Phone
Money ( I do change for 100SGD but Sharir about 200SGD)

So we heading to JB Central. Have a fast-break-fast. A quick one of course just to fill our stomach.
Then, after that, we look for immigration to stamp our passport and directly to buses. Go to lane for 170 or 160 buses - Kranji destination (RM1.30 per person) That place is for you to look for a MRT. 

But after pass the immigration, up in the bus, thru the bridge. We stop before the Singapore immigration. For those who like to go fast. Just drop by before the terminal. Walk a little bit to the immigration because there should be a lot of people queuing. Go fill in the white card (if you dont have one) at the side for immigration purpose. (I take a lot of the card for next visit standby)

Make a que and came down look for the bus again and you're ready for Kranji station. btw, dont loose the bus ticket just now.

Upon arrive at the MRT, go look for Ticket Counter and look for Travel card. It Cost you SGD12 and have a balance of SGD7 inside. Took the MRT and go where ever you want to go. Actually there is a lot of places you can visit thou.

The pic shows all..

And after a day walking... We only manage to visit

Marina Bay Sand
Raffles City
City Hall
Dhoby Ghout
Mustafa Centre

after that.. both of us feel really like leg broken (patah kaki) hahahaha..

Upon going back.. we only manage to look inside from the MRT on our way back to Kranji station and took a bus (luckily not many people when we arrive) and head back to Malaysia... Owh Malaysia, we miss you already.

So for those who want to go to Singapore... Forget about the USS first... visit the country are more priceless.. and it took us ONLY SGD22/pax for the traveling.. Nice...

See you again... Wassalam.. =)


aleen avril said...

eh wujud lg blog nih...ingtkan dah berkubur dah..

keep it up writing dude.

and will be visit u here.

Loki Googulz said...

Heheeh... hidup segan mati tak mau.. huhu

Always visit ur site =)

u too .. keep it up.. =)

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